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Increasingly well known among Christian organizations, we have been creating complex tailor-made online solutions for over 20 years to grow the Kingdom of God.

From local neighborhood prayer lists to world-wide church planting reporting systems, we develop websites and mobile applications to assist churches and Bible believing organizations.

17,000,000 prayers

Being our most well-known product, the software suite is used by thousands of churches to help their members be vibrant, reproducing disciples of Jesus Christ. Regional and state associations assist their churches with these tools to mobilize their members into action for the Kingdom.

Over 17 million prayers have been said by the sixty thousand Lights who use the app and website to live a pray-care-share lifestyle for their neighborhood.

Media coverage

Our projects are receiving a significant amount of media coverage.

Your project?

If you are a Christian church, organization or company with an online project on your mind, feel free to contact us if you need a team of developers.

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